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Spring weather in Cuba

Sea water temperature
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Best place for vacation in Cuba in Spring

Table below will help you to find the best place for your vacation in Cuba in Spring. Find the place with less rains and more sun. We also provide information about sea water temperature for marine resort.

Place name Weather in March
air / sea temperature
Weather in April
air / sea temperature
Weather in May
air / sea temperature
Baracoa 26.7°C 26.2°C 28.2°C 26.7°C 28.9°C 27.3°C
Cayo Coco 25.9°C 25.6°C 27.6°C 26.7°C 28.5°C 27.6°C
Cayo Guillermo 26.0°C 25.6°C 27.8°C 26.6°C 28.7°C 27.6°C
Cayo Largo 26.2°C 26.4°C 27.8°C 27.6°C 28.6°C 28.5°C
Cayo Santa Maria 25.4°C 25.5°C 27.1°C 26.6°C 28.2°C 27.5°C
Cienfuegos 29.0°C 26.5°C 30.6°C 27.2°C 30.8°C 28.2°C
Havana 28.0°C 26.0°C 30.0°C 26.7°C 30.0°C 27.5°C
Holguin 29.5°C 25.8°C 30.9°C 26.3°C 30.9°C 27.0°C
Manzanillo 30.0°C 26.3°C 31.1°C 27.6°C 31.1°C 28.7°C
Matanzas 27.6°C 25.7°C 29.5°C 26.5°C 29.5°C 27.3°C
Niquero 29.4°C 26.4°C 30.5°C 27.6°C 30.7°C 28.6°C
Pinar del Rio 28.3°C 26.0°C 30.3°C 27.6°C 30.5°C 28.7°C
Playa Blanca 27.0°C 25.8°C 28.6°C 26.3°C 29.2°C 27.0°C
Playa Esmeralda 27.0°C 25.8°C 28.6°C 26.3°C 29.2°C 27.1°C
Playa Santa Lucia 27.8°C 25.8°C 29.4°C 26.5°C 29.9°C 27.2°C
Santa Maria 25.3°C 25.5°C 27.1°C 26.6°C 28.2°C 27.5°C
Santiago de Cuba 29.0°C 27.1°C 29.7°C 27.7°C 30.2°C 28.5°C
Trinidad 27.8°C 26.5°C 29.3°C 27.3°C 29.6°C 28.3°C
Varadero 27.5°C 25.6°C 29.3°C 26.7°C 29.6°C 27.6°C
* Sunny hours are calculated based on the average daily number of hours while sunlight can reach the ground. It depends on day length and cloudiness during the day.