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Turkey > Alanya ( July 2023 )

I was delighted with the weather in Alanya. The heat at 35 C does not frighten me, but rather seduces me. And there are many reasons for this. Firstly, the sea is well warmed up, 27 C, you can splash around for hours. Secondly, there was no rain, not a single day was wasted. Thirdly, excursions did not interest me, I was just going to lie down on the beach. And you can always cool off in the sea or by drinking a cold cocktail. We walked in the evenings when the temperature dropped.

Egypt > Hurghada ( October 2023 )

In the fall, it’s a great time to relax in Egypt, there is no longer any intense heat, but the water in the sea warms up and retains heat very well, on average +27°C. There is no rain during this period, which is most attractive for tourists. In the sun +31-33°C, in the evening +24-26°C, ideal for a beach holiday. October can truly be called the velvet season of Hurghada, there is a lot of fruit, sun and white warm sand, what else is needed, glasses, a swimsuit and off you go.

Egypt > Hurghada ( July 2023 )

It’s hot in Hurghada in July; upon arrival you need a couple more days to adapt to the climate change. The heat reached +39°C, which is deadly because I’m not used to it, I want to quickly plunge into the water or straight into the ice. The water is no different and can reach 28-30°C. In the evening it is a little easier, at least there is no scorching sun, +30-33°C is the usual temperature for the night. By the end of the vacation we had already adapted and didn’t want to leave.

Thailand > Pattaya ( August 2023 )

I love warmth and there is plenty of it in Pattaya, as it turned out, even in abundance, the temperature is consistently no lower than +30 C. It would have been okay, but the picture of the resort town was spoiled by precipitation, and it reminded of itself with frequent frequency. And for a moment let’s imagine a mixture of heat and moisture. Of course, there is the sea, but even there the water breaks records, the same +30 C. Whether in the water or on land, there is no difference at all. These are the weather conditions in August.

Bulgaria > Sunny Beach ( May 2023 )

We have long wanted to visit Bulgaria, and when choosing a place for a trip, we chose Sunny Beach, probably one of the largest resorts in this country, with a long beach. The choice of the resort can be called correct, but with the month, we made a slight mistake. The beginning of May for a beach holiday turned out to be quite cold. And if during the day, when the Sun warmed the air, it became warm enough for walking, then with the arrival of evening the temperature dropped sharply by ten degrees, and it became completely cold. And, of course, the water temperature did not yet have time to warm up for swimming.

Portugal > Faro ( April 2024 )

Just yesterday my husband and I arrived from Portugal. Faro, a gorgeous city because of its climate! Temperatures there are forecast to average 20 degrees Celsius. But as soon as we got off the plane, we were already burned. The sun is very warm there. There are almost no winds, it rained only once a week. The main feature of this city is that because of its region. At a temperature of +20, it feels like 35. I personally love it when it’s so warm. Very suitable climate for me.

Portugal > Madeira ( May 2023 )

A few years ago, my friend and I went to Porto in May, and the weather there was still quite cool, and last year my husband and I went to Madeira. In Madeira in May it is not yet the season for going to the beach, but it was much warmer than on the previous trip to Porto. My husband tried to swim in the sea, but it was a little cool, but for exploring the beautiful island nature, the period of the year was suitable, it was warm during the day, sunny all days and without precipitation.

Turkey > Side ( May 2023 )

May is a good month for excursion trips around Side; the weather is not hot, 23°C. We did not observe prolonged rains, but only minor precipitation. There were also beach days at 28°C, and we ran off to sunbathe and breathe in the healing sea air. You shouldn’t really count on swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, the water is 20°C. And you can look at the coastal zone endlessly, it’s simply mesmerizing.

Turkey > Alanya ( January 2024 )

We decided to go to Turkey for the New Year holidays and chose the city of Alanya. The weather was quite rainy and cool. But despite this there were quite a lot of tourists. The water was also quite cold. The sky was mostly cloudy or cloudy. There was a light drizzle a couple of times. The weather was mostly calm and the humidity was high. But despite this, we were able to visit museums, exhibition centers and spas. I really enjoyed exploring the caves and ancient fortresses.

Alexey Petrovich
Turkey > Fethiye ( May 2023 )

In May, Fethiye, Türkiye, is full of natural magic. Pleasant coolness in the morning gives way to warmth during the day, and in the evening you can enjoy a light breeze from the sea. This month is ideal for a beach holiday and exploring the sights of the city. The clean and well-kept beaches of Fethiye will delight those who like to sunbathe in the sun and swim in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Equally attractive are the city's historical sites, including an ancient theater and a fortress on the promontory, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Holidays in May provide a unique opportunity to combine beach fun with cultural walks through the streets of the old city. However, it is worth considering that May is still early spring and nights can be chilly. It would be a good idea to have a light jacket or sweater with you for evening walks. Don't forget about sunscreen - the sun's rays are quite active even in May. Visiting Fethiye in May is just what you need for those who value comfortable weather, tranquility and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Turkish resort without the intense heat of the summer season. At this time of year, the city is not so crowded with tourists, which allows you to more calmly and measuredly enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of this amazing place.

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