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Sea water temperature in France in April

Sea water temperature

In April warmest sea in France is usually observed in the following locations: Aiacciu, Le Grau Du Roi, Corsica.

Table below shows average sea water temperature in April for the last three years at all France marine resorts.

Place name April 2020 April 2019 April 2018
Aiacciu 15.5°C 14.6°C 15.0°C
Le Grau Du Roi 15.3°C 13.9°C 14.9°C
Corsica 15.3°C 14.5°C 14.8°C
Avignon 15.2°C 13.9°C 14.8°C
Bastia 15.2°C 14.8°C 15.4°C
Calvi 15.1°C 14.7°C 14.8°C
Marseilles 15.1°C 14.1°C 14.7°C
Roquebrune Cap Martin 15.1°C 14.4°C 15.0°C
La Londe les Maures 15.1°C 14.4°C 14.8°C
Frontignan 15.1°C 13.7°C 14.8°C
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat 15.0°C 14.4°C 15.0°C
Portivecju 15.0°C 14.5°C 15.4°C
Montpellier 15.0°C 13.7°C 14.9°C
Propriano 15.0°C 14.5°C 14.6°C
La Ciotat 15.0°C 14.2°C 14.6°C
Sanary-sur-Mer 15.0°C 14.2°C 14.6°C
Bandol 15.0°C 14.2°C 14.6°C
Bunifaziu 15.0°C 14.3°C 14.8°C
Cassis 15.0°C 14.2°C 14.6°C
La Seyne sur Mer 15.0°C 14.3°C 14.6°C
Saint Syr Sur Mer 15.0°C 14.2°C 14.6°C
Toulon 15.0°C 14.3°C 14.7°C
Menton 15.0°C 14.4°C 15.0°C
Cannes 15.0°C 14.4°C 14.8°C
Palavas les Flots 14.9°C 13.7°C 14.8°C
Nice 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.9°C
Golfe Juan 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.7°C
Juan les Pins 14.9°C 14.3°C 14.8°C
Antibes 14.9°C 14.3°C 14.8°C
Mandelieu la Napoule 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.8°C
Theoule Sur Mer 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.8°C
Le Lavandou 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.7°C
Sainte Maxime 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.7°C
Saint Laurent du Var 14.9°C 14.3°C 14.8°C
Cavalaire sur Mer 14.9°C 14.4°C 14.7°C
Saint-Tropez 14.8°C 14.4°C 14.7°C
Frejus 14.8°C 14.4°C 14.8°C
Cagnes sur Mer 14.8°C 14.3°C 14.7°C
Perpignan 14.8°C 13.6°C 14.0°C
Biarritz 14.7°C 13.8°C 13.1°C
Narbonne 14.7°C 13.3°C 14.2°C
Arcachon 14.7°C 13.3°C 13.3°C
Beziers 14.5°C 13.3°C 13.9°C
La Rochelle 13.9°C 12.8°C 12.6°C
Bordeaux 13.2°C 12.8°C 12.3°C
Evian-les-Bains 12.6°C 10.6°C 9.0°C
Avoriaz 12.6°C 10.6°C 9.0°C
Chamonix 12.3°C 10.4°C 9.2°C
Megeve 12.2°C 10.6°C 10.7°C
Annecy 12.2°C 10.6°C 10.9°C
Deauville 11.0°C 10.6°C 10.1°C
Le Havre 11.0°C 10.6°C 10.1°C
Saint Malo 10.8°C 10.9°C 9.8°C
Rennes 10.7°C 10.7°C 9.9°C
Etretat 10.2°C 10.1°C 9.0°C

Charts below show average sea water temperature for France resorts with the warmest sea in April.

You can also check other months of the year to see sea temperature of France resorts at that time.