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Caribbean Sea Water Temperature

Sea water temperature

At this moment warmest sea in Caribbean Sea was observed in the following locations: Pinar del Rio, Chetumal, Niquero.

You can find full list of Caribbean Sea marine locations in the table bellow. It shows current sea temperature values and averages for current and upcoming months.

Place name Current
sea temp
August 2021 September 2021
Pinar del Rio 30.1°C 30.6°C 30.2°C
Chetumal 30.1°C 30.1°C 29.7°C
Niquero 30.0°C 30.4°C 30.3°C
Cienfuegos 30.0°C 30.2°C 29.9°C
Key West 29.9°C 30.5°C 30.3°C
Cayo Largo 29.9°C 30.4°C 30.2°C
Manzanillo 29.9°C 30.2°C 30.4°C
Belize 29.8°C 30.1°C 29.9°C
Carrefour 29.7°C 29.7°C 29.9°C
Port au Prince 29.7°C 29.6°C 29.9°C
Negril 29.6°C 29.7°C 29.9°C
New Providence 29.6°C 29.8°C 30.3°C
Trinidad 29.6°C 30.0°C 30.0°C
Eleuthera 29.6°C 29.6°C 30.1°C
Cayman Brac 29.6°C 29.7°C 29.8°C
Little Cayman 29.6°C 29.7°C 29.8°C
Andros 29.5°C 29.8°C 30.1°C
Nassau 29.5°C 29.8°C 30.3°C
Westmoreland 29.5°C 29.7°C 29.8°C
Cancun 29.5°C 29.0°C 28.8°C
George Town 29.5°C 29.5°C 29.7°C
Campeche 29.5°C 30.3°C 30.0°C
Grand Cayman 29.5°C 29.5°C 29.7°C
San Pedro Sula 29.5°C 30.0°C 30.3°C
Tulum 29.4°C 29.3°C 29.1°C
Montego Bay 29.4°C 29.7°C 29.6°C
Riviera Maya 29.4°C 29.2°C 29.1°C
Varadero 29.4°C 29.9°C 29.9°C
Purto Aventuras 29.4°C 29.2°C 29.1°C
Cozumel 29.3°C 29.3°C 29.2°C
Port Antonio 29.3°C 29.5°C 29.5°C
Playa del Carmen 29.3°C 29.3°C 29.1°C
Kingston 29.2°C 29.2°C 29.4°C
Santiago de Cuba 29.2°C 29.9°C 29.8°C
Ocho Rios 29.2°C 29.3°C 29.6°C
Runaway Bay 29.2°C 29.5°C 29.6°C
León 29.1°C 29.7°C 29.7°C
Managua 29.1°C 29.0°C 29.2°C
Matanzas 29.0°C 29.3°C 29.2°C
Mayaguez 29.0°C 29.2°C 29.7°C
Playa Blanca 29.0°C 28.8°C 28.8°C
Bocas del Toro 28.9°C 28.9°C 29.3°C
Cayo Guillermo 28.9°C 29.6°C 30.1°C
Cayo Coco 28.9°C 29.6°C 30.2°C
Santa Maria 28.9°C 29.6°C 29.9°C
La Ceiba 28.9°C 29.8°C 30.1°C
Guanaja 28.8°C 29.2°C 29.3°C
Ponce 28.8°C 29.1°C 29.7°C
Cap Haitien 28.8°C 29.1°C 29.5°C
Cayo Santa Maria 28.8°C 29.5°C 30.0°C
Arecibo 28.8°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Bocha Chica 28.7°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Isabella 28.7°C 28.9°C 29.3°C
La Romana 28.7°C 28.7°C 29.3°C
Utila 28.7°C 29.3°C 29.7°C
Samana 28.7°C 28.9°C 29.4°C
San Juan 28.7°C 28.5°C 29.4°C
Roatan 28.7°C 29.2°C 29.5°C
Providenciales 28.7°C 29.1°C 29.6°C
Cartago 28.7°C 28.8°C 28.5°C
Aguadilla 28.7°C 29.0°C 29.6°C
Havana 28.7°C 29.7°C 29.5°C
Juan Dolio 28.6°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Holguin 28.6°C 28.7°C 29.1°C
Pointe-a-Pitre 28.6°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
San Pedro De Macoris 28.6°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Grand Turk 28.6°C 28.8°C 29.3°C
Playa Blanca 28.6°C 28.7°C 29.1°C
St George's 28.6°C 28.9°C 29.7°C
Playa Esmeralda 28.6°C 28.7°C 29.1°C
Cockburn  28.6°C 28.8°C 29.3°C
Baracoa 28.6°C 28.7°C 29.2°C
Bridgetown 28.6°C 28.7°C 29.4°C
San Jose 28.6°C 28.8°C 28.5°C
Philipsburg 28.6°C 28.6°C 29.4°C
Santo Domingo 28.6°C 28.8°C 29.3°C
Basse-Terre 28.5°C 28.7°C 29.3°C
Colon 28.5°C 28.6°C 29.0°C
Salt Cay 28.5°C 28.8°C 29.3°C
Playa Santa Lucia 28.5°C 29.1°C 29.4°C
Alajuela 28.5°C 28.8°C 28.4°C
Isla Grande 28.5°C 28.7°C 29.0°C
Barbuda 28.5°C 28.5°C 29.3°C
St John's 28.5°C 28.5°C 29.3°C
Heredia 28.5°C 28.8°C 28.4°C
Playa Bavaro 28.4°C 28.4°C 28.9°C
Castries 28.4°C 28.7°C 29.3°C
Fort-de-France Bay 28.4°C 28.9°C 29.4°C
Les Trois-Îlets 28.4°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Antigua 28.4°C 28.5°C 29.3°C
Arena Gorda 28.4°C 28.5°C 28.9°C
Cap Cana 28.4°C 28.5°C 28.9°C
Punta Cana 28.4°C 28.5°C 28.9°C
Vieux Fort 28.3°C 28.7°C 29.4°C
Sainte-Luce 28.3°C 28.8°C 29.4°C
Granada 28.3°C 29.6°C 30.0°C
Limon 28.3°C 28.9°C 29.1°C
Panama 28.2°C 28.8°C 28.8°C
Sosúa 28.2°C 28.3°C 28.9°C
Puerto Plata 28.2°C 28.2°C 28.9°C
Isla Contadora 28.2°C 28.8°C 28.7°C
Maimon Bay 28.2°C 28.2°C 28.9°C
Los Roques 28.0°C 28.2°C 28.8°C
Willemstad 27.7°C 28.2°C 28.8°C
Aruba 27.2°C 28.1°C 28.7°C
Margarita Island 26.7°C 27.2°C 28.4°C
Caracas 26.7°C 28.0°C 28.4°C
Merida 26.3°C 29.0°C 28.8°C

Charts below show average sea water temperature for Caribbean Sea resorts with the warmest sea.

You can also check other months of the year to see sea temperature of Caribbean Sea resorts at that time.

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