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Ionian Sea Water Temperature

Sea water temperature

At this moment warmest sea in Ionian Sea was observed in the following locations: Komenno, Acharavi, Nissaki.

You can find full list of Ionian Sea marine locations in the table bellow. It shows current sea temperature values and averages for current and upcoming months.

Place name Current
sea temp
June 2022 July 2022
Komenno 22.7°C 24.7°C 26.0°C
Acharavi 22.7°C 24.3°C 25.2°C
Nissaki 22.6°C 24.6°C 25.7°C
Barbati 22.6°C 24.6°C 25.7°C
Vlora 22.6°C 24.4°C 25.5°C
Gouvia 22.6°C 24.7°C 26.1°C
Dassia 22.6°C 24.7°C 26.1°C
Preveza 22.5°C 25.5°C 27.3°C
Kerkira 22.4°C 24.8°C 26.3°C
Vasilikos 22.4°C 24.5°C 26.8°C
Kavos 22.4°C 24.9°C 26.3°C
Lefkada 22.3°C 24.9°C 26.6°C
Argasi 22.3°C 24.4°C 26.8°C
Laganas 22.3°C 24.4°C 26.8°C
Kanoni 22.2°C 24.8°C 26.4°C
Ksamil 22.2°C 24.4°C 25.5°C
Tsilivi 22.2°C 24.3°C 26.7°C
Sidari 22.2°C 23.8°C 24.7°C
Corfu 22.1°C 24.3°C 25.7°C
Agios Loannis 22.1°C 24.7°C 26.4°C
Paleokastritsa 22.1°C 23.7°C 24.7°C
Kontokali 22.1°C 24.3°C 25.7°C
Tragaki 22.1°C 24.2°C 26.6°C
Benitses 22.1°C 24.7°C 26.4°C
Pilos 22.1°C 23.5°C 26.6°C
Pizzo 22.1°C 24.6°C 27.6°C
Filiatra 22.1°C 24.4°C 26.8°C
Zakynthos 22.0°C 24.1°C 26.4°C
Briatico 22.0°C 24.6°C 27.5°C
Alykes 22.0°C 24.1°C 26.4°C
Paestum 22.0°C 24.4°C 27.1°C
Scalea 22.0°C 24.7°C 27.3°C
Messonghi 22.0°C 24.6°C 26.1°C
Moraitika 22.0°C 24.6°C 26.1°C
Agios Georgios 22.0°C 23.5°C 24.4°C
Kyparissia 21.9°C 24.3°C 26.9°C
Skafidia 21.9°C 23.9°C 26.3°C
Kyllini 21.9°C 24.2°C 26.3°C
Pyrgos 21.9°C 23.8°C 26.5°C
Tropea 21.9°C 24.5°C 27.6°C
Agios Gordis 21.8°C 24.4°C 25.9°C
Ermones 21.8°C 23.8°C 25.0°C
Capo Vaticano 21.6°C 24.3°C 27.2°C
Ricadi 21.6°C 24.3°C 27.2°C
Cephalonia 21.5°C 24.0°C 26.0°C
Saranda 21.5°C 24.0°C 25.2°C
Lixouri 21.4°C 24.1°C 26.0°C
Taranto 21.4°C 24.4°C 27.2°C
Patra 21.3°C 23.6°C 25.7°C
Otranto 21.2°C 23.4°C 26.5°C
Lecce 21.2°C 23.9°C 26.7°C
Brindisi 21.2°C 24.0°C 26.7°C
Crotone 21.2°C 23.8°C 26.5°C
Araxos 20.9°C 24.0°C 25.9°C
Niforeika 20.8°C 23.9°C 25.8°C
Catanzaro 20.8°C 23.0°C 26.3°C
Soverato 20.6°C 23.1°C 26.5°C
Avola 20.5°C 23.3°C 26.9°C
Policoro 20.5°C 23.9°C 26.6°C
Sirakuzy 20.4°C 23.3°C 26.9°C
Catania 20.2°C 22.6°C 26.8°C
Letojanni 20.1°C 21.2°C 26.3°C
Taormina 19.9°C 21.3°C 26.3°C
Messina 19.8°C 22.0°C 26.2°C
Giardini Naxos 19.7°C 21.2°C 26.2°C
Reggio di Calabria 19.6°C 21.6°C 26.1°C

Charts below show average sea water temperature for Ionian Sea resorts with the warmest sea.

You can also check other months of the year to see sea temperature of Ionian Sea resorts at that time.

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