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Best place for vacation: Pattaya or Крабі?

Choosing between Pattaya and Крабі? Check weather condition for both resorts to understand which one is better for you.
Please check current weather condition and two weeks weather forecast.
  Pattaya   Крабі
Current weather
Day air temperature 26.6°C 27.2°C
Night air temperature 25.3°C 26.5°C
Cloudiness 31.6% 57.6%
Sea water temperature * 29.0°C 29.6°C
Rainy days / Precipitation total 0 days 4 days (52.1 mm.)
Sunny hours ** 8 h. 47 min. 5 h. 57 min.
7 days forecast 7 days forecast
* Sea water temperature values are collected within last 24 hours.
** Sunny hours are calculated based on the average daily number of hours while sunlight can reach the ground. It depends on day length and cloudiness during the day.
What is the best time for you vacation?
On a charts below you can compare air temperature, sea water temperature and precipitations at selected resorts. Values are calculated based on the data for the last three years.

Monthly air temperature, °C

Air temperature:

Monthly sea water temperature, °C

Monthly precipitation totals, mm

So what is the best time for vacation at Pattaya or Крабі?
Please check table below to find warmest and sunniest resorts that are good for swimming and sunbathing.


Sunniest months:
January 22 days
March 22 days
December 22 days
Warmest months:
April 32.4 °C
May 32.3 °C
June 31.4 °C
Warmest sea temp:
May 30.8 °C
June 30.3 °C
April 30.2 °C
Rainiest months:
October 17 days
September 14 days
July 12 days


Sunniest months:
March 19 days
February 17 days
April 16 days
Warmest months:
March 32.9 °C
April 32.6 °C
May 31.9 °C
Warmest sea temp:
April 30.5 °C
May 30.5 °C
June 30.0 °C
Rainiest months:
November 18 days
October 16 days
September 14 days